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Sergie Polunin: The Fragile Balance

Sergie Polunin shares his inner world as he tells the story of his childhood, dance, and family life. To become one of the most interesting dancer in the world, he sacrifices his childhood. He dreams of a childhood playing with friends and being free. He’s an accomplished dancer, but that’s not freedom. To be free, he has to give it all up. And rediscover it on his own terms. Sergei Polunin dances with power and emotion. Through dance, he lets out his yearnings, struggles, and in the process, creates intriguing art.

Beyonce: Lemonade

Beyonce dropped her latest album, “Lemonade,” over the weekend and it’s so tasty. It’s streaming on Tidal. In her videos, she provides the spoken narrative to her story of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and female strength. She pulls from Black history, female history, and in her story of infidelity, she speaks to a universal pain. She unleashes her emotions in this visual, emotional, and stunning work of art. Beyonce brings issues to the forefront and we can’t get enough.