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Stab In The Dark: Dane Reynolds And The World’s Best Surfboard

Dane Reynolds, the mystery surfer, departs from Los Angeles to South Africa in search of good waves to test out surfboards by shapers around the world. He methodically takes each one out and rides them in whatever waves nature offers up. At the end he reveals his favorite board. In the process, he rips, carves, and boosts into the air. To watch Dane surf is a treat. By most accounts, he’s the world’s best surfer, though he’s on the CT tour. Dane Reynolds and John John Florence, who won the world title, are two of the most beautiful surfers to watch. Can’t wait for more.

Dane Reynolds – Boiler Boys

Dane Reynolds surfs for the art of it. He doesn’t give a shit about competitions though he’s caused some upsets as a wildcard lately. Some refer to him as the best surfer in the world. That’s just too much pressure for him. He lives in the moment and doesn’t like to think about performing for a score. He surfs his best when he’s out with some of his buddies, like in his recent edit from Marine Layer Productions. He’s California cool. Keep ripping!