Graduation's Around the Corner, Pick Out the Perfect Gifts


Graduation is an exciting time of the year. In May and June, people start inviting their friends and loved ones to celebrate the occasion with them. They have studied hard and the time has come for them to move on. It's a time to reflect before moving on. Those who attend graduation may want to buy them gifts.


Think about what the gifts mean. Put some thought into it. Put in the personal touch with a handwritten note (who handwrites anything anymore?). That makes handwritten notes, cards extra special. Buy some blank notecards and fill them with memories.

Be positive. Be inspirational. Be happy. Buy or create something for the graduate that's inspirational. Draw or paint something, for those artistically gifted. Engrave jewelry, bangles, necklaces, or rings. Pick up a book or two by Dr. Seus. Something people remember from children brings back memories. Throw in a grown up book. Perhaps on topics of etiquette, beauty, and art. Art books make great gifts.


Something nice. Focus on accesories and not worry about sizing. Perhaps, a leather notebook, wallet or bag, a watch, silk scarf, stationery for personal notes, just to name a few. Big bouquet of flowers and a nice bottle of alcohol is always welcomed, for those who drink and of drinking age.


Celebrate the day by planning a get together. See a movie, go for a swim or hike, take a roadtrip, or go camping. Think about something the graduate enjoys doing. No gifts are necessary. Being there to celebrate the culmination of one thing and the beginning of something else is the greatest gift of all. Share in the joy.