John John Florence blesses the world with a short film entitled, “Space,” and demonstrates his fearlessness in the ocean. He surfs the waves with joy and urgency somewhere between Australia and Hawaii. To be alive is to surf like John John Florence. This edit tells a story through imagery and music that compels, empowers, and inspires the audience. Amazing work!

Space from John John Florence on Vimeo.

John John Florence: “I Just Want to Get Better”

John John Florence is at top of his game in surfing. He’s constantly pushing himself to get better. He’s stylish, daring, experimental and stylish. He shows his fierceness in the ocean. He’s the 2x world champion and he’s not stopping. John John inspires. Surfing season has started again. Can’t wait to see more of John John and the rest of the surfers compete on the WSL Championship Tour. Bring it.

AVP Seattle Open 2017 Men’s Final: Allen/Slick vs. Crabb/Rosenthal

In 98 degrees heat in Seattle, Crabb/Rosenthal battled it out against Allen/Slick for the championship. There were some great plays. Rosenthal had an amazing dig. Stafford Slick talked about being hit in the face and suffering a retinal detachment. His story gave insight into the dangers in the sport. There are consequences to playing hard, but the glory is worth it. Allen/Slick won against Crbb/Rosenthal. That leaves Trevor Crabb in search of his first AVP win still. Keep the hope alive. Looking forward to so much more.

Stab In The Dark: Dane Reynolds And The World’s Best Surfboard

Dane Reynolds, the mystery surfer, departs from Los Angeles to South Africa in search of good waves to test out surfboards by shapers around the world. He methodically takes each one out and rides them in whatever waves nature offers up. At the end he reveals his favorite board. In the process, he rips, carves, and boosts into the air. To watch Dane surf is a treat. By most accounts, he’s the world’s best surfer, though he’s on the CT tour. Dane Reynolds and John John Florence, who won the world title, are two of the most beautiful surfers to watch. Can’t wait for more.

Sergie Polunin: The Fragile Balance

Sergie Polunin shares his inner world as he tells the story of his childhood, dance, and family life. To become one of the most interesting dancer in the world, he sacrifices his childhood. He dreams of a childhood playing with friends and being free. He’s an accomplished dancer, but that’s not freedom. To be free, he has to give it all up. And rediscover it on his own terms. Sergei Polunin dances with power and emotion. Through dance, he lets out his yearnings, struggles, and in the process, creates intriguing art.

Beyonce: Lemonade

Beyonce dropped her latest album, “Lemonade,” over the weekend and it’s so tasty. It’s streaming on Tidal. In her videos, she provides the spoken narrative to her story of love, betrayal, forgiveness, and female strength. She pulls from Black history, female history, and in her story of infidelity, she speaks to a universal pain. She unleashes her emotions in this visual, emotional, and stunning work of art. Beyonce brings issues to the forefront and we can’t get enough.

View From A Blue Moon – John John Florence

Young and beautiful, John John Florence is a surfer beloved by most who love surfing. He’s talented and competitive. He livens up the CT events, and finds time to make surf films that highlight his love for surfing and the ocean. In this latest film, he shows the viewers his home in Hawaii where he grew up and takes them into the depths, beauty, and danger of the sea. John John is magical. To watch him surf is to fall in love over and over again.

Dane Reynolds – Boiler Boys

Dane Reynolds surfs for the art of it. He doesn’t give a shit about competitions though he’s caused some upsets as a wildcard lately. Some refer to him as the best surfer in the world. That’s just too much pressure for him. He lives in the moment and doesn’t like to think about performing for a score. He surfs his best when he’s out with some of his buddies, like in his recent edit from Marine Layer Productions. He’s California cool. Keep ripping!

Sia – Elastic Heart feat. Shia LaBeouf & Maddie Ziegler

In this emotional, disturbing, and controversial video, Maddie Ziegler captivated with her performance. She warred with the male character, Shia LaBeouf, in a dance that was beautiful, torturous, and poignant. Trapped in a cage, Ziegler slipped in and out, whereas LaBeouf could find no way out. The struggle was maddening. Intense and worth watching again and again.

In the Studio: Shostakovich Trilogy

Ballet features the beauty of the body, specifically the female one. Dancers spend hours in studio to perfect their technique and artistry. Nancy Raffa, ballet master from the American Ballet Theatre, talks about the Shostakovich’s influence on Russian ballet as Alexei Ratmansky presents the Shostakovich Trilogy. Music, movement, and artistic expression combine to create poetry.