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  • Space

    John John Florence blesses the world with a short film entitled, “Space,” and demonstrates his fearlessness in the ocean. He surfs the waves with joy and urgency somewhere between Australia and Hawaii. To be alive is to surf like John John Florence. This edit tells a story through imagery and music that compels, empowers, and […]

  • Rookie Griffin Colapinto’s Rise to the Top: Athlete Profile

    Coming from San Clemente, California, Griffin Colapinto realizes his dream of qualifying for the WSL Championship Tour. He’s young, fun, and talented. His surfing is exciting to watch. He’s learning and being challenged by the best surfers in the world. Can’t wait to see more of him.

  • John John Florence: “I Just Want to Get Better”

    John John Florence is at top of his game in surfing. He’s constantly pushing himself to get better. He’s stylish, daring, experimental and stylish. He shows his fierceness in the ocean. He’s the 2x world champion and he’s not stopping. John John inspires. Surfing season has started again. Can’t wait to see more of John […]

  • Episode 7 of 7 | Hurley Presents “Twelve”: A New Series From John John Florence

    There’s nothing more exciting than to watch John John Florence surf. There’s nothing he can’t do. He charges, rips, throws his body into the air, and lands with control. His dedication is inspirational. Winning the CT title, he’s at the top of his game. He’s having so much fun at it too. Can’t wait to […]

  • Stab In The Dark: Dane Reynolds And The World’s Best Surfboard

    Dane Reynolds, the mystery surfer, departs from Los Angeles to South Africa in search of good waves to test out surfboards by shapers around the world. He methodically takes each one out and rides them in whatever waves nature offers up. At the end he reveals his favorite board. In the process, he rips, carves, […]

  • View From A Blue Moon – John John Florence

    Young and beautiful, John John Florence is a surfer beloved by most who love surfing. He’s talented and competitive. He livens up the CT events, and finds time to make surf films that highlight his love for surfing and the ocean. In this latest film, he shows the viewers his home in Hawaii where he […]

  • Dane Reynolds – Boiler Boys

    Dane Reynolds surfs for the art of it. He doesn’t give a shit about competitions though he’s caused some upsets as a wildcard lately. Some refer to him as the best surfer in the world. That’s just too much pressure for him. He lives in the moment and doesn’t like to think about performing for […]