Month: January 2014

  • Dancing in the Rain – Polina Semionova and Roberto Bolle

    Two dancers, Polina Semionova and Roberto Bolle, drenched, steam up the stage as their bodies intertwined to the beat of rain drops. Beyond sexy!

  • Polina Semionova Dances to H. Grönemeyer

    Polina Semionova flies through the air and takes us with her. She creates shapes and movement through space, and shows us a full range of emotions. She’s powerful, dynamic, and vulnerable. Beautiful!

  • In the Studio: Shostakovich Trilogy

    Ballet features the beauty of the body, specifically the female one. Dancers spend hours in studio to perfect their technique and artistry. Nancy Raffa, ballet master from the American Ballet Theatre, talks about the Shostakovich’s influence on Russian ballet as Alexei Ratmansky presents the Shostakovich Trilogy. Music, movement, and artistic expression combine to create poetry.