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  • Taylor Crabb Plays Beach Volleyball in 2021

    Taylor Crabb is so exciting to watch. He’s a dynamic volleyball player. He’s fast on the court. He’s been playing beach volleyball with Jake Gibbs and winning games. He makes the games come alive. Taylor has been playing volleyball in Hawaii since he was a boy. He still has the passion for it.

  • AVP Seattle Open 2017 Men’s Final: Allen/Slick vs. Crabb/Rosenthal

    In 98 degrees heat in Seattle, Crabb/Rosenthal battled it out against Allen/Slick for the championship. There were some great plays. Rosenthal had an amazing dig. Stafford Slick talked about being hit in the face and suffering a retinal detachment. His story gave insight into the dangers in the sport. There are consequences to playing hard, […]