Up Close & Personal with Books: Stay Young and Curious

Books stimulate the mind and fill the heart with emotions. They give people what they need when they need it. It's how people pass on knowledge, insight, and inspiration. Books bridge the distance between generations. They document the human experience, the joys, pain, good and bad.

Learn the art of styling food. When food looks good, a mixture of different colors and textures, and flavors, it tastes better. Eat good, wholesome, delicious food for a healthier and stronger body.

Love triangle manga-style. Flip through for the the illustrations and art. Be entertained by the drama between two feuding gangsta families. Quick read while on the bus or subway.

Children grow up and they come back home. That home might not be how they remember it. Their experiences have shaped them and they see things through different lenses. This is a story of a family in Connecticut who discovers their flaws.

Time marches on. Friedman discusses the theory of acceleration of time and the changing world and climate. It's refreshing to pause sometimes and take it all in. Lateness isn't such a bad thing in the scheme of things.

Moms are the best. It's not easy being them. There's so much societal pressure to be the perfect wife, mom, and career woman. They try their best. A good read for moms and moms-to-be because they can all relate.

The world is constantly collecting data on the people. The information we provide may or may not be true but the data taken together provides information. Everything people consume, read, buy, browse on the internet are documented. How people see the world may be different than how the world sees them.