It's a small world. Do our part.

We are different but similar. We share similar wants and needs in life. Our search for freedom, love, wellness, respect, and dignity is universal. We shouldn't struggle alone. To help each other find our voices, we strengthen those of our own. There are many causes in the world. The two that we are passionate about are sexual violence and clean ocean & water.

Sexual Violence

When violence is commit against us, our worlds and sense of safety are disrupted. We don't have to live in fear. We demand respect by speaking up. Much has happened in Hollywood over the past few months to highlight the prevalence of sexual violence that happens to people of all races, gender, and class. There are people and resources out there that can help. Have courage. We are not alone.

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Clean Ocean & Water

The oceans belongs to all of us and future generations. They are threatened by the trash that end up there which affect our health and ecosystem. Through education and eco-friendly habits such as recycling and picking up plastics and trash at the beach, we can decrease the waste that gather in the oceans. We can all do our part. Next time we are at the beach, let's pick up some trash.

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