Pursue Your Passion

Surf Life to the Fullest and Work


Find something that gives you job and do it everyday. That's what surfing is to a lot of people. Surfing as a lifestyle and sport conjures up images of laid back, sunkissed people who drive around in their vans, jeeps, or SUVs on the search for waves, up and down the coastline. The vanlife gives surfers the mobility to live out of their van and surf whenever they want. Surfers abound in California. People drive along PCH with their surfboards strapped to the top of their jeeps or SUVs on any time and day of the week. Many are recreational surfers but those who are more serious about it as a sport seek out money-making opportunities which allow them the luxury of time. Some don't have to work. They are trust fund babies or what not. Those who do have to earn their keep are attracted to jobs that offer them flexible schedules, extended night shifts, and telecommute opportunities.


Here are a few jobs to consider if surfing takes a priority. If there's passion, there's a way. To achieve the work-life-surf balance, it's important to live in the moment. Get the work done. Then play all day. Haha. Have fun on the search. Pursue your passion.

  1. WSL surfer

  2. Few are talented enough to make it onto the WSL Championship Tour. Those who do express their gratitude to God and hardwork and dedication for getting them there. They say it's the dream. So it's worth shooting for, yeah? The next John John in-the-making isn't a bad thing. Though he's been MIA lately due to injuries.

  3. Surf Instructor/Lifeguard

  4. Love of the ocean is something that surfers share. The more time spent in it the better. Surf instructors meet lots of people who are also drawn to the ocean but might not know how to surf. Meet like-minded people and spend more time at sea.

  5. Web Designer/Developer

  6. For the creative and engineering types, web design and development offer much flexibility. Design tools and coding languages are universal. Internet connectivity, laptop, and a creative mind are all that's required. The work could be done anywhere and at anytime.

  7. Daytrader

  8. There's investing and then there's daytrading. These two are different skills. People can make a living daytrading. It's knowing risk, managing and tolerating risk. There's lots of money to be made. Ride the market. Once they achieve financial independence, they can do whatever they want or nothing at all. Yay!

  9. Musician/Entertainer

  10. Many people who are musically inclined travel the world performing and entertaining audiences. Often these gigs happen at night so they have the mornings free for morning patrol.

  11. Social Media Influencer

  12. Talent, good looks, and luck, people can make a living being a social media influencer. Depending on the number of followers they can accumulate and their reach, they can have sponsorships with brands to promote products and goods. If this is their thing, why not.

  13. Bartender

  14. Bartenders are night owls. They work mainly at night so they have all morning and day free, to surf, sleep or whatever. It doesn't hurt to know how to make a mean drink. A mojito, please.

  15. Part-time Retail

  16. Retail is a dying profession thanks to ecommerce, but there's still a bit more opportunities. The shopgirls and guys dress the part and are congenial. The pay sucks but the hours are flexible. For those looking for a little something to do, this might be a good fit.

  17. Pilot/Flight Attendant

  18. Travel is required to get to most surf destinations, unless you live right on the beach. So whether you get there by bike, car, or plane, you've gotta get there. Travel to different surf spots so to surf different kinds of waves. Being a pilot or flight attendant allow for free travel. Just pack some boards.

  19. Travel Blogger/Photographer

  20. Love of travel and adventure take surfers around the world. It's that nomadic lifestyle. That glorified vanlife. Try travel blogging and see how it goes. Having a partner or instagram husband helps, especially someone with a good eye.

Affording the Surfing Lifestyle