Sweet Tropics

Summer is easy, breezy in California. Tropical prints of pineapple, lemons, watermelons add punch to any outfit. Accessorize with these delicious fruits and be ready for a summer of fun and great memories. Be ready for anything.

Treat Your Skin with Love

Healthy, natural skin is the best look. Keep it clean and moisturized and apply sunscreen for protection. Wear makeup and lip balm with SPF to protect against the strong UV rays. A natural look is a more youthful look. Here are some beautiful palettes for that natural, healthy look.


California females are image driven. The clothes they wear convey their social status, fashion sense, and power. It's the land where celebrities and socialites craft their status and image. There's an art to styling like a California girl. Trendy, casual, sexy, bohemian, sporty, or anything else. Be creative. Be fun. Be daring. Be fierce. Strive to stand out or not. Most importantly, be yourself.

Express Yourself