On the Move

Healthy mind and body


One of nature’s most amazing creations is the human body. It’s complex. It grows, breaks, repairs itself, and breaks down. It requires constant attention and maintenance, but it’s worth it. It enables people to achieve so many things, from mundane tasks to greatness. It deserves respect and care.

With age, gravity drags people down. Over time, the body struggles to stand upright. With proper nutrition and exercise, people can slow down the aging process. The muscles can strengthen and become more flexible. Increase in balance and strength and prevent injuries. Exercise releases endorphins that enhances mood. That’s addictive. Working out strengthens both the body and mind.

California’s mild weather allows people to engage in outdoor activities all year long. Those who focus on doing things they enjoy will spend more time doing them. They are having fun and staying fit. Hydration is important. Invest in a large reusable water bottle and keep it filled at all times. The daily recommendation is 8 glasses, but with exercise, the body uses up more water. So keep drinking. Water plumps up the skin. Sleep, drink, exercise, and repeat for good health.

Start slowly. Take small steps. Set goals. Achieve the goals. Set new goals. Soon enough the body transforms itself through working out. People stand up taller. They are more confident. They have more energy to pursue their happiness.

Working out requires time and dedication. People are busy but there’s no excuse. People can work out anywhere if they make it a priority. They can make different choices in their daily lives to get the more exercise. Walk more. Take the stairs instead of the elevators when presented with the choice. Get up and do squats and lunges from the desk. Work out after work, before work, during work. Squeeze in the time in increments.

On a day off, go for a hike, bike ride, horse ride, swim, anything. Keep moving.