Great Skin Comes from Within

Flawless skin is the ideal, but no adult has it, so the pursuit is on to approach flawlessness. People have tried all kinds of products to attain the perfect complexion. Time is the enemy. Over time, people get exposed to the elements, polution, dirt, sun, and skin, the outermost organ, is the first to show signs of damage. Many skincare products claim to offer that perfect complexion, but different people react differently to ingredients in products.

Try a few steps towards healthier skin. Keep it simple. Keep it clean.

  1. Hydrate

  2. Drink lots of water. The recommended amount is at least 8 glasses a day, but for those who lead an active lifestyle, drink more to stay hydrated. Water is the best thing for the skin. It plumps it up and makes it look fuller and gives it a glow. Make a practice of carrying a reusable bottle filled with water. The Hydroflask stainless steel one is the trendy one to carry.

  3. Stay out of the sun

  4. Sun exposure causes damage to the skin which could lead to brown spots and uneven skin tone. Worse yet, extensive UV light exposure could lead to changes in the cells and result in skin cancer. Avoid the sun at peak hours, between 10am and 4pm, when the UV rays are strongest and the sun is at its highest point in the sky. Wear protective clothing: long-sleeved clothing and pants, and wear a hat that covers the whole face.

  5. Use sunscreen before going out during the day

  6. For those who love being in the sun, always wear sunscreen with a spf of at least 30. The ones that rub on are better than the aerosol sprays. Often times, people do not spray enough on to get the protection. Reapply after excessive sweating or after a couple of hours.

  7. Clean the skin with gentle cleaser

  8. Keep the skin clean to prevent dirt and other contaminants from clogging the pores. Wash with water and a gentle cleanser morning and night.

  9. Exfoliate/Peel

  10. Occasionally exfoliate and peel to get rid of dead skin and contaminants in the pores. There are masks by dermatologists that does a great job at exfoliating such MAGNETIGHT AGE DEFIERâ„¢, from Dr. Brandt's skincare line. Other well-known dermatologists have created their own skincare lines: Dr. Dennis Gross and Dr. Harold Lancer, Peels include products that contain retinol and glycolic acid. They help reduce scarring from acne and injuries. Peels are harsh on the skin. Only do them occassionally. Consult a dermatologist before using chemical peels.

  11. Moisturize

  12. Skin loves moisture. Moisturize after cleaning the face at night and in the morning. Use a moistuizerizer without spf at night and one with sunscreen in the morning.

  13. Sleep

  14. The body restores itself during sleep. Teenagers need 8-10 hours whereas adults need 7-9 hours. Get enough beauty sleep for a fresh, rested look and get rid of under-eye circles. Sleep is important for overall health. During sleep, the body heals the heart and repair blood vessels. Sleep deprivation leads to increased risk of heart and other diseases.

Skin health reflects overall bodily health. Eat, exercise, sleep combined with a skincare regiment that cleans and moisturizes the skin for the most healthy-looking skin. When people take good care of their skin, it shows.