Spring Joy

Discover beauty in LA


Mother Earth blesses California this year with a deluge of rainfall. Los Angeles is not known for its lushness, but new life has sprung from the ground. The mountains come alive with colors and growth. Bright colors of yellow, gold, purple bloom among the green leaves. Lushness covers the once barren earth where only the hardiest life forms survive. Cacti of different variety used to be the few plants seen on the mountains.

Purple Flower
Yellow Flower
Gold Flower

The views are breathtaking. The blanket of colors and textures that cover the land inspires and excites the senses. The air is fresh and dewy from the rain. Floral scents that permeate the air add to the freshness and romance of the new season. With Spring comes new life and energy. Wildflowers grow from every crevice. They provide the backdrop for a life less mundane.

Nature creates the most beautiful things. The shapes and patterns that make up the flowers intrigue the vision. They provide the inspiration for design. Great design come from nature, and people look to nature to create interesting design. Everything plays its part in the grand scheme of life. The symbiotic relationships between plants and insects could be seen in the wilderness.

People should plant more things. Plant their own garden, a tree that they can watch grow, with the amount of rain that has fallen. To create sustainable growth, the focus needs to be on nurturing life. People need to make a commitment for a cleaner environment, for recycling and not trashing Mother Earth, for preserving the environment.

The beauty and life that surround Californians this year reminds people that they need to do more to preserve Mother Earth so She can thrive, so they can thrive. People are very much the problem and solution to the issues of environmentalism and sustainability.

Californians who support the environmental efforts think about ways they can keep the Earth clean and safe. The sudden spurt of growth remind people that there's so much beauty that's hidden, waiting for the right conditions, to bloom. Uncover the possibilities. Live and thrive.