Zero Waste

Make Sustainability a Way of Life


Zero waste is a movement of people who are mindful of the waste that human beings generate per day and over a lifetime. This waste has to go somewhere. They end up in landfills, oceans, inside bodies of sea creatures, and ultimately into bodies of humans.

Americans on average generate 4.4 pounds of trash a day. Added up it amounts to a lot of waste that end up in landfills. Earth-friendly solutions include recyle bottles, plastic, cans, reuse bottles, refuse bags and packaging, let biodegradables rot, create products from recycled materials. Best practice is not to create polution in the first place.

Many sites, such as ECOS and EMA have sprouted up that adhere to the zero waste philosophy that offer organic, vegan, package free options to everyday products. EMA by manufacturing exclusively in the United States creates jobs locally and reduces carbon emission.

Conscientious consumers demand products that are earth friendly and in the process drives the movement of zero waste. They have developed habits that reduces their carbon emission. They refuse plastic bags and reuse cloth ones, drink liquid out of stainless steel bottles, bring their own mugs to buy coffee, bring their own reusable utensils when they eat out, and use only biodegradable products. They make their own soaps. People do their part to save the planet by reducing one waste at a time.