What is femspace?

  • an attitude and lifestyle
  • a space where beauty, love, and life thrive
  • live in the moment
  • pursue our happiness
  • chase the light

Why femspace?

  • live simply
  • connect with nature
  • pursue our passion
  • claim our space
  • in our own voice, on our own terms
  • life is beautiful

Eat Healthy. Be Healthy
Learning to cook for ourselves is the best way to take charge of what we eat. It starts with a desire to eat healthy, to select the freshest produce, to be conscientious about where our food comes from. Shop at our local farmers markets and support our local economy. Grow our own food if we have the time and space.
Our Favorite Recipes
Autumn Apple Salad II
Whole Wheat Blueberry Pancakes
Egg White Crepe
Mimosa Make Everything Better
Fabulous Fajitas
Maple Salmon
Hawaiian Chicken Kabobs
Ham Apple Cheese Quesadilla
Seared Tilapia With Asparagus and Spicy Mint
Hawaiian Shrimp
Chicken Satay
What We Watch
Sunrise and sunsets every day
Surfing competitions
Favorite Getaways
Hike unmarked trails
Drive along the beach
Swim in the ocean
Breathe in the salty air anywhere
What We Make
Paint the sea, rooms by the sea
Film people we love
Carve lines in the ocean
New Year, New Selves (10 Things)
Get Physical
Ballet, pilates, swim, kickboxing, surf and surf, strengthen our bodies, our minds
Healthy Living
Eat, sleep, surf
Connect with Ourselves
Relax, meditate, dance
Declutter, recycle, donate, trash useless stuff
No-nonesense Beauty
Keep the face clean, drink lots of water, work out, always use sunscreen of at least SPF 45, exfoliate and moisturize
Give of our Time
Volunteer at women's shelters, rape centers, homelessness, clean the beach, save the whales, end hunger, choose our causes
Fill our Hearts with Love
Spend time with those close to us
Seek Meaning
Engage in activities that fulfill us. Life is short, live it in a meaningful way.
Laugh a lot
Pursue things that give us joy, laughter, and happiness
Risk, Risk More
Stay curious. Take chances. Learn and grow from our experiences.
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Fanning flip flops
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